Transformational leadership

Read Case #34 “Recruiting Recreational Vehicle Surveyors” on pp. 109-111 and write a paper answering questions 1 through 3.

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Hiring the 30 employees with the required job descriptions for leadership and surveyors roles is a great challenge for Liberty Engineering. The employees hired must be willing to tolerate the extreme heat, which is a major challenge for the organization. In case the firm cannot recruit sufficient employees to work on the project,  reorganization of the staffing schedule is most important. The most critical challenge in this decision relates to the costs involved. The recruitment procedures can also involve hiring less competent employees and incurring additional training costs (Al-Emad, & Rahman, 2017). For instance, leadership competencies can be improved through training workshops. Second, the organization can integrate the project with previous tasks to ensure the part-time availability of employees to conduct the study. Getz had been working on a project for two years that ended and hence can explore the competencies and skills of those involved to best use them in the current project. Similarly,

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Transformational leadership