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Career Connections

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An advisory board member for the engineering technology programs recently approached us and described a problem his firm is having. The firm has embraced diversity and wants to hire more female engineers; however, they just don’t have any who apply. They are seeking ways, both internally and through outreach efforts, to increase the number of female job applicants for engineering positions. What ideas might you provide to the company? Is this a problem with which a professional engineering firm should be concerned?


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Jayson Coon


Outreach, by increasing advertisements for hiring out into the open, the possibility of more female applicants is possible. By adjusting the company’s site to be more diversity oriented, a potential applicant could be swayed to join the company. Going to local colleges’ engineering classes and handing out flyers to students. For internal efforts, ask the current female employees how the company could do better. Offer internships to female engineering students, and offer them jobs once they graduate. This is a problem for any engineering firm, as having a more diverse workforce could help them obtain better results from the work the firm has done.

Nasrudeen Ismail


I think one of the successful ideas that the company must follow in order to fill engineering positions is for the company to make field visits to secondary schools and colleges and talk to female students who want consultations in order to enter the ladder of higher education and correct the categorical concept that calls for engineering jobs to be limited to men only as it must The companies provide scholarship and counseling for female students and provide all facilities and temptations that are represented in incentives and rewarding salaries, some graduation and entry into the career path. Another thing that this company can do is to trains and rehabilitates some workers from the female component and sends them to engineering colleges for the purpose of learning and returning to the company to occupy engineering positions and offering them free scholarships to obtain certificates that help them perform their work without difficulty.

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I concur with the long-term strategies of school sponsorships as a way to equip the company’s workforce in the future. I also agree with the immediate proposal of visiting institutions of higher learning to source talent. One benefit of sponsoring students to learn and later work for the company is the high level of loyalty and commitment seen in such programs. Often, companies get into contractual agreements with the students to work a defined minimum period in the company to secure their investment (Pottie-Sherman, 2018). While visiting the colleges, the company needs to keep in mind that not all female students are a good fit for them. Company reps need to look out for those students who have values and beliefs which align with the firm’s culture. An additional useful recommendation is to ensure that wherever they choose to
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