Fashion Marketing Strategy

  • Fashion and Retail Vision and Mission Statement, if a company is selected (if a fashion designer is selected, this would be the history of the designer. If a trend is selected this would be a history of the trend and how it has evolved).
  • Fashion and Retail Industry Analysis (the current status of the company, the current status of the fashion designer, or the current status of the trend that is marketed to consumers)
  • Fashion Marketing Strategy (marketing strategy of the company, of the designers current collection, or the manner in which the trend is marketed to consumers)
  • Retail Trend Analysis (future of the company, designer, or direction in which the trend is headed).
  • Contemporary Strategies and methods of sustaining growth in the fashion and retail industries

Requirements: 13 pages

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According to McCutcheon (2015), LV was founded in 1854, and Maison Louis Vuitton inherited its founders’ vision and ambitions. The company’s success is associated with its founder Louis Vuitton who was a French designer and businessman.  Louis began as a trunk maker and packer after apprenticed by a renowned trunk maker and packer known as Marital. Vuitton began as a personal trunk maker and packer for France’s empress during the era of Napoleon III. At his job, Vuitton was charged with exquisitely packing the most beautiful clothes. This created an opportunity where Vuitton encountered other royal and elite clients who became his customers for the rest of his career. Consequently, Vuitton gained a reputation amongst Paris’s more fashionable class, which created an opportunity to excel in his career and business. Later, Vuitton specialized in packing fashions since he was motivated by HJ Cave and Sons of London.

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Fashion Marketing Strategy