Management Information System

should write a paragraph about the major and my major is Management Information System include the works cited

  • Turn-in a ~ 1 page Proposal for what you plan-on researching, developing and delivering as a 10 minute oral presentation: a Ted Talk OR an Academic Lecture. Include a short write-up of your Ted Talk or Lecture and a couple of sources you’ve already found (other TTs, Lectures, articles, definitions, etc.).
  • If you have a couple of ideas for a TT or Lecture, include this in your ~1 page write-up. This is just getting your ideas on the page and start to this project.
  • There is no strict formatting for this. Just put this in clear paragraph form.

Requirements: Presentation | 1 pages, Double spaced

I need your help to write apargragh about my major Management Information System


but I need you to use smply words because I have to present and I’m second language

and I will send to you the laucture to have better idea about what you have to include in the paragraph

I’m studying in SDSU and my major Management Information System

Please let me know if you are able to complete it on the time

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However, leadership and management roles are different in the following ways. First, the role of managers is to plan and create a budget for organizational processes. Once the manager establishes a clear plan and allocates the budget, the leader is supposed to direct health workers (Masters, 2020). That is, the leader should set objectives for specific teams in the organization. For example, a leader can allocate tasks to a nursing team and specify a deadline and expected outcomes as objectives.

Secondly, the nursing manager is mandated to staff and organize health workers. That is, the manager should make sure that there are enough nurses through recruitment (Abdollahi, Tabibi, & Komeili, 2018). The manager should also perform staffing by specifying the jobs for different nurses. On the other hand, the nursing leader’s role is to make sure that the recruited employees are able to perform their tasks. As a result, leaders focus on resolving conflicts,

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Management Information System