Globalization and Intercultural Management

Requirements: Case Study | 2 pages, Double spaced

As the managing director for your company, based in India, that manufactures computer equipment, you are negotiating with an official in China. His job is to select computer equipment for city employees. You are adamant that you want all the specifications named clearly in a contract. However, the Chinese official is not interested in the technical and financial details.


  • How can you get through the intercultural impasse and obtain a contract that both you and the Chinese official find acceptable?

Your case study should be properly formatted to include a title page and reference list, which will not be included in the minimum page count. The paper should follow APA guidelines for all resources for in-text citations, paraphrasing, and references.

Minimum of two pages.

Reference: CSU Online Library

Requirements: 2 pages double space

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In negotiation, communication is how the negotiation can achieve objectives, building relationships, and resolving disputes. When dealing with counterparts from different cultural backgrounds, communication becomes an essential aspect of understanding one another (Kang, Anand, Feldman, & Schweitzer, 2020). In overcoming cultural barriers, I will have to understand their culture to receive and transfer information the intended way. Showing respect for cultural differences will take me further than ignorance as inexperienced negotiation tends to demean unfamiliar cultural practices. For example, negotiating in a foreign country, people tend to take advantage of the situation. Having a mere knowledge of their culture will make them scared of humiliating me.

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Globalization and Intercultural Management