Transition of marketing

Read the article “Marketing is Everything”



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Thesis : identify the central lesson the author is trying to reach

Central Pillars: define and discuss at least 3 major learning outcomes

Discussion: reflect on the books impact on the future manager

Requirements: 2 pages single space 10 pt font

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In the modern world, technology has created a notion that a customer can get anything anytime and in any way. Customization is dealing with the customers according to their own desires or wishes. Modern technology makes it easier for companies to deliver what their customers require, hence satisfying their specific needs. Customers can have products from their own virtual versions as they desire. McKenna compares customers with light, where he describes the behavior of light when exposed to different tests. In some tests, light portrays the behaviors of waves by moving in ways that waves move in water bodies, while in other trials, light moves as a single particle. Markets and customers behave like light where the customer portrays different behaviors simultaneously. Markets have varying levels of customer zeal; they should use technology to create and develop products that meet the requirement of the customers.

Impacts of the Book on The Future Manager

It is challenging to separate technology and marketing. Companies should embrace new marketing approaches that focus on meeting the customers’ needs than the old approaches that focus on selling the products. Companies that already apply unique marketing strategies and find more innovative ways to maintain the momentum by using knowledge about their internal and external technology. The author advises managers of companies to fully utilize adaptive marketing by making marketing flexible and responsive. Marketers should keep up with the speed of technology by adapting to new technological devices and methods. Marketers also need to study their customers and their competitors to create and improve their products and services to best suit the market. The knowledge about their competitors will help them know what other companies are doing and take advantage by offering better products than their competitors. Future managers should understand that marketing is the business and not just a part.

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Transition of marketing