Disneyland Paris Resort

Your choice – Select one of the topics below and write 1 to 2 well-written and researched paper:

  • Review the history of Disneyland Paris. Why was it initially such a failure? How did Disney turn it around (or have they really)? What lessons can we take away from their experiences in France?
  • Select a country you would like to visit and write on information you find about the country from a marketing perspective.
  • Research the history of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Write a position paper stating your beliefs regarding its overall effectiveness or ineffectiveness and its future.
  • Be sure to cite references.

Requirements: 1-2 pages

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There are various lessons that we can learn from Disneyland Paris, which include the following. There is a need to raise and save enough finance for any business so that during economic recessions, it can sustain its day-to-day activities.  Also, from the employee’s perspective, dressing code is a significant factor that influences workers’ performance depending on the type of the business. We also learn that changing the company’s name brings about an optimistic view by the customers and positive growth due to more attraction.

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Disneyland Paris Resort