Case management in the criminal justice system

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you identify and describe the differences of case management in the criminal justice system within the community and in a correctional setting.
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However, the settings must have trained and experienced personnel in clinical treatment, psychosocial training, and behavioral development to enable them to offer the required services and training to the clients (Mojtabai, Mauro, Wall, Barry, & Olfson, 2019). SAMHSA emphasizes that case managers must understand their clients at all levels and give them an opportunity so they can resonate with them.

Why ethics and confidentiality play an integral role when working with clients

Ethics and confidentiality play a significant role in maintaining a good relationship between case managers and clients. Lamont-Mills, Christensen, & Moses, (2018), define ethics as the moral obligation of differentiating right and wrong while making wise judgments during critical events. They also argue that ethical behavior is a must during psychotherapy practice in any facility. A case manager must be able to analyze different options that are overlooked elsewhere. For instance, in a case where a case manager

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Case management in the criminal justice system