Behavioral Modification

In order to determine the most effective method for modifying behavior, it is important to first understand why the individual is performing that behavior. A behavior may serve different purposes. For instance, one child may throw a tantrum in order to gain attention from those nearby, while another child might throw a tantrum to be sent away and avoid interacting with those same people. Accurately determining the motivation behind a behavior (Its function) is critical in developing effective interventions.

Part of determining the motivation behind a behavior requires the analysis of both what precedes the behavior, and what follows. Identifying these antecedents and outcomes is a critical step in accurately assessing the functions of a behavior and determining effective interventions.

For this Assignment, you will delve further into functional assessment by identifying antecedents and outcomes of a particular behavior in your life.

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While this behavior commenced as a means of self-preservation and protecting my mental health, at times, it morphs into a destructive trait because it hinders my ability to interact well with others. While keeping to myself had little to no immediate consequences when I was younger, I feel that it severely curtails my ability to network with others. It is no surprise that my social circle is incredibly small. In the school setup, one has to engage with peers in discussions and even collaborate to complete group assignments. I have found navigating such environments unnecessarily difficult because I neglected the need to form robust foundations for building my social skills. Therefore, there is often a huge risk of coming off aloof or being perceived as an insensitive person because I have not mastered the art of engaging with people naturally.

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Behavioral Modification