Case study students

Use the attached case studies and write a 525- to 700-word report in which you address the following questions for the case study students:

  • What transitional needs might each student have as they transition from elementary, middle, and high school into adulthood?
  • What are some assistive technologies that can help integrate these students with severe disabilities into schools and the community?
  • What key elements and evidence-based approaches need to be in place for these students to develop friendships and durable relationships in and beyond the classroom?
  • Looking ahead, what issues and challenges do you think that these students will encounter as adults?

Use two to three references to support your conclusions.

Format your report and references according to APA guidelines.

Requirements: 2 pages

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Secondly, teachers should also improve the ‘social stock’ of these students by making them aware of some skills and interests as this boosts their confidence around others. The third element is highlighting these students’ islands of competence, unique to them to improve their social standing among their peers. Lastly, teachers can also contribute to their development of friendships and meaningful relationships by the issuance of collective rewards rather than the common collective punishment. For example, when the whole class is rewarded because of Anna’s excellence in math, there is likely to be a positive shift in how her classmates view her.

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Case study students