Economic system

Write a 2,500 – 3,000 word paper (not counting title page or reference page) in APA format detailing an economic system for an imaginary country.

1.Name your country.

2.Choose and detail an economic system from those studied in the course

3.Explain the logic of your selection in detail (pros and cons)

a.Why is this system the best choice for your country? Are there political, geographic, topographic, heritage or other issues for which you believe this system to be well suited?

b.What would you change in the system chosen to eliminate problems encountered by countries in the past (or currently)?

4.Explain why not other systems

a.Why is your choice superior to these?

Be sure to support your opinions with properly cited and referenced sources.

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The economy of Cotish depends on primary, secondary, and tertiary economic activities. It is because Cotish has been the leading distributor of limestone to the neighboring countries. It has also invested in the manufacturing of finished products where it produces cement and other construction materials. When it comes to tertiary economic activities, banking, health, and education are the popular social service provided in the country. Moreover, the agricultural sector of the country is doing well because its climate allows the production of multiple crops. Half of the countries revenue comes from the export of agricultural products and limestone. Currently, the country has a democratic form of government where everyone has freedom of speech and leadership. Based on the education provided in the country, Cotish has a reliable workforce ready to fill positions in engineering, health, and Information technology sectors. Since Cotish has all the resources needed to make people’s life enjoyable, it needs an effective economic system to govern the organization and distribution of these resources.

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Economic system