Organizational performance

  1. Competency

    Utilize virtue and character-based ethical theories in case studies.


    For this assessment, you will get the chance to highlight your creative writing skills and your knowledge surrounding Aristotle. Be the Best You, is a career coaching and mentorship agency that works with employees to not only achieve their professional goals, but their personal goals as well. By using a virtue and character-based approach. As a coach for Be the Best You, you are part of the training committee that creates new training material for the clientele. The agency is seeking 3 new training sessions related to the golden mean, Aristotelian friendship, and eudemonia. Part of these trainings include scenarios that the clientele read and then answer applicable questions. You will be creating three, fully developed scenarios for the golden mean, Aristotelian friendship, and eudemonia.Your submission, in its final state will include 3 scenarios including 1 for the golden mean, 1 Aristotelian friendship, and 1 for eudemonia. For each scenario, include 3 questions, 9 in total.

    Each scenario must include:
    • A fully developed fictional scenario that clearly highlights which of the three (the golden mean, Aristotelian friendship, and eudemonia) is being presented. Clearly define the characters and the actions that are representative of the selected topic.
    • Three, open-ended questions pertaining to the scenario that the clientele would answer in relation to the facts and the topic of the scenario.

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Romero, the firm’s managing partner, is a pleasant individual who values his relationship with subordinates and even encourages them to feel free to approach him with any concerns. One day, Nick overheard a telephone conversation between Chris and the client, in which Chris informed the client that he had covered up the fraud at the client’s company as requested during a prior interaction. This information was troubling, considering Chris had admitted to illegal and unethical activity. Nick decided to share what he learned with Jenna to see if she could advise him on what to do. Unfortunately, Jenna told Nick to do nothing and pretend he had never heard the conversation. Nick could not do this and, thus, decided to approach Chris and get to the bottom of what he overheard. However, before he could get into Chris’s office, Michael, who overheard Nick’s conversation with Jenna, stepped in and requested Nick to exercise some restraint, considering bringing such a serious matter without evidence might backfire on him, resulting in Nick losing his internship position. After calming down and evaluating what Michael said, Nick decided to take time and investigate the matter properly before using the appropriate channels to report his findings.

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Organizational performance