Power and politics conflict management

After you’ve read the case study “The Power and Politics of Privacy on Social Networking Sites”, please answer the following questions:

1.What is your opinion regarding these online privacy issues?

2.To what extent are you concerned about how your personal information on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google is used?

3.Looking back at the section on “political influence tactics”, which tactics did Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg use after he changed the original terms of use in 2009?

4.Of the stakeholders listed in the last paragraph of the case, which group do you think is most powerful in terms of shaping the future direction of online privacy issues?

5.Assume that Zuckerberg has hired you as a consultant to help him address the situation. Describe the steps that you would take.

To answer these questions successfully, start by assessing group behavior within the organization, including positive traits of influence, leadership, power and politics, conflict management, feedback, and negotiations. Also, look for ways that political tactics influence organizational behavior.

Please write a minimum of 750 word summary and submit this assignment as a Word document, using the APA format. Title page and references are not included in the 750 word requirement. Use your professional experience and outside sources to support your statements.

Requirements: 750

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The privacy issues at Facebook are eroding the significant gains the company made. This is because more and more users are discontented with the company’s use of their information without their request. Despite this, the company can take a couple of measures to address these concerns (Trepte, 2021). The first step should be for the company to listen to its users. By listening to users, the company will send out a message that it cares and value their input (Trepte, 2021). Furthermore, since without its users, Facebook will not be making any money, listening to users will allow the company to involve customers in the change process. Since selling information to third parties is deeply entrenched in the company’s business model, it cannot be phased out at once (Trepte, 2021). As such, the company needs to adopt measures to evaluate third parties it sells data to and come up with a policy that allows it to control the extent to which these third parties can use the data they purchase from Facebook.

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Power and politics conflict management