Pursuit of justice

  • Describe her personality.
  • Describe her physically.
  • Is she an effective private investigator? Give examples from the text in support.
  • Kinsey Millhone is a self-employed, working private investigator who chose this profession after being a police officer. Do you think she is a cutting edge character? Include a comparison to Honey West.
  • What additional observations do you have about Kinsey Millhone? (This is an open ended question and your observations do not have to be related to her as an investigator.)You may use quotes from the text to support your ideas and opinions. Please do not use or quote from any other sources. The profile should reflect your interpretations of the character and opinions about how she is portrayed. If you include any quotes from the text make sure you give the proper citation.To use material from a source other than yourself (word for work or paraphrased) without the proper citation is plagiarism and will result in a failing grade on the assignment and possible additional consequences.
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  • Content
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    • ⬧ simple citations are acceptable in this assignment since there is only source▪ use quotation marks followed by “Grafton, page x

    Book link: https://novel80.com/244058-a-is-for-alibi.html

Requirements: 2 page min

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Millhone is an effective private investigator, and this is demonstrated throughout the book as she works to find the person who killed Lawrence. For instance, when she finds out that Libby Glass, Lawrence’s former secretary, was also killed with the same poison that killed Lawrence, she intensifies her investigation to find out if there is a connection between the two cases “Grafton, pg. 5”. Additionally, she looks into all the people she suspects might have information that may help her find the person(s) who killed Lawrence. For example, she visits Gwen, his ex-wife “Grafton, pg.11”, Charlie Scorsoni, his former partner “Grafton, pg.9”, the pharmacy where Laurence used to get his medication “Grafton, pg.17” and more visits to the people she suspected. This helped unearth the missed and disregarded information during the trial case for the murder.

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Pursuit of justice