Kinsey Millhone

Describe the character of Kinsey Millhone in your own words, in detail. You must include the following:

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Millhone is an effective private investigator, and this is demonstrated throughout the book as she works to find the person who killed Lawrence. For instance, when she finds out that Libby Glass, Lawrence’s former secretary, was also killed with the same poison that killed Lawrence, she intensifies her investigation to find out if there is a connection between the two cases “Grafton, pg. 5”. Additionally, she looks into all the people she suspects might have information that may help her find the person(s) who killed Lawrence. For example, she visits Gwen, his ex-wife “Grafton, pg.11”, Charlie Scorsoni, his former partner “Grafton, pg.9”, the pharmacy where Laurence used to get his medication “Grafton, pg.17” and more visits to the people she suspected. This helped unearth the missed and disregarded information during the trial case for the murder.

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Kinsey Millhone