Leadership styles

Requirements: There are a wide variety of definitions of what makes a person a true leader. There are also a wide variety of leadership styles beyond the simple classification of transactional versus transformational; autocratic, democratic, bureaucratic, charismatic, situational, servant leadership, and more. Some are, in theory, at least mildly effective in any given situation, and some, in theory, are far more effective only in certain situations. In other words, it’s likely that one size does not fit all. You’ve begun to research Pfizer’s leadership team. In your milestone submission, compile a more comprehensive look at the leadership team and the approach they use.

Your fourth milestone submission should address the following requirements:

1.Outline the leadership style of at least three areas of Pfizer (three key leaders, leaders of three key divisions, the CEO, the board, the finance team, the operations team, etc. – it doesn’t matter what three you choose but you must outline at least three).

2.Describe the leadership style of at least one of Pfizer’s largest competitors.

3.Assess Pfizer’s leadership team as compared to other styles and the competition.

a.Is the leadership style in use by your organization the most appropriate?

b.Is the leadership style consistent within your company from one area to another? Should it be? Why or why not?

c.How does the leadership style of your organization compare to its competitor? Is one better than the other? Why or why not?

Your third milestone submission should follow APA format, be well supported with a minimum of five recent sources, and be a minimum of four pages long.

Remember: Think critically about the team that leads your organization, how well their leadership style is working, if it’s most appropriate for that company, that industry, their type of employees, and given the current economic environment. Just like last week, there are a lot of factors at play that impact whether or not a given leadership style is effective. One size does not fit all, and not all the time.

Requirements: 5 pages

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Angela Hwang is a member of the Executive team. As the Chief Commercial Officer, the role demands a collaborative approach to leadership, an aspect that Angela has sufficiently displayed as a leader in the organization. Angela has worked in the company for two decades dealing with over 100 countries. She brings a collaborative leadership style to the organization as she works with diverse personalities with different demands (Pfizer, 2023). Angela articulates the collaborative leadership style in working with diverse regions to innovate new medicines and products for people. In her current and previously served roles, Angela has partnered with players from different regions to ensure successful developments in the innovations of new medicines and products. The Chief Commercial Officer has embraced the organization’s culture, where employees are considered coworkers, an aspect that has contributed to the partnership and collaboration in attaining the company’s objectives. In this leadership role,

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Leadership styles