Men and Masculinities

1. Explore the three types of inequality within the 3 of the following arenas of life that you choose from this list: family, work, schooling, sexuality, religion, leisure, news media, entertainment media, or others.

2. How might sexism, androcentrism, and subordination look like in each context? Be specific and support your answers.

3. Find one online news article from a credible source within the last 12 months that demonstrated one of the types of inequality in one of the realms that you chose. Identify which type of inequality is demonstrated and in which arena of life. Be sure to link your article in your post.

Requirements: 600-650 words

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In a sexist family context, women might be expected to take on the majority of household chores and caregiving responsibilities, while men are exempted or given less responsibility. This unequal distribution of labor reinforces traditional gender roles and expectations. Androcentrism is evident in the process of making decisions, where men in a family are given greater authority, and their decisions are prioritized over those of women.  The contributions, choices, and ideas of women can be easily undervalued or disregarded. Subordination is observed in various instances such as domestic violence where young girls and women are subjected to either physical, emotional, or financial manipulation and control which limits the autonomy and enterprise of females in their own families.

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Men and Masculinities