Capstone project

The focus of this week is to reflect on and evaluate your Capstone Project experience and how it has helped you to become a scholar-practitioner committed to fostering positive social change. For this Discussion, you will examine your process for this course and describe your identity as a social change agent.

To prepare:

  • Reflect on your experiences with the Capstone Project, including but not limited to the following questions:
    • What aspects of the Capstone Project and course have helped you to become more of a scholar-practitioner?
    • How have the program and project contributed to your identity as a social change agent?
  • In the Learning Resources, visit the Walden University Center for Social Change website and review areas that are of particular interest to you.
  • What would you recommend to future students in the Capstone experience?
  • Post a brief summary of your Capstone Project and your reflections on the Capstone Project experience, using the questions in the “To prepare” section of this Discussion.Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources and identify current relevant literature to support your work.

Requirements: One Page

I am attaching all the needed required readings that need to be used for this discussion, My capstone project is on the Extinction Burst, especially with self-injuries behaviors interventions. Please use any extra scholarly resources that are useful for this assignment, however, please make sure to cite it APA7.

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University Center for Social Change, n.d.). Doing this will allow me to become an agent for social change within the Tampa community and contribute to the elevation of community members’ welfare.

Recommendation to Future Students

Any student who gets an opportunity to undertake a capstone project should take all the assignments needed to complete the Project seriously. Only when they do this will they reap the benefits described in this paper, such as becoming social change agents and scholar-practitioners.

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Capstone project