Threat and Error Management

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Discussion Post 1:

Research the Eastern 401 accident. Describe some Human Errors that contributed to this accident. What was the most prevalent Human Error do you think, and why?

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Discussion Post 2:

Research American Airlines Flight 965 accident. Using the reading from this module, analyze and discuss some information processing and decision-making that was made by the flight crew and others resulting in this accident.\

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Situational Awareness:

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Another cause was due to poor decision-making by involved parties. First, the captain made a single most reckless error by selecting R and executing the FMS without getting a confirmation from the flying pilot. That led to a change in the aircraft’s path towards Bogota. Once the crew accepted the decision without being prepared, the can of worms was opened to accelerate. That overwhelmed the task management as they had to set up the mission approach, get charts from the binders, and report all situational awareness. The flight crew could not set up the approach to find the reporting point. Despite the CRM team skills, they failed to apply that training when required.

In summary, the flight crew had poor threat and error management applications, resulting in the airplane’s crash (SKYbrary Aviation Safety, 2021). They made poor decisions and dug themselves deeper by pushing on with the decision. Even when they got lost, they

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Threat and Error Management