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The effects of conflict on a team

how conflict affect a team positive or negative


How conflict affects a team:–> positive and negative-


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Negative conflict:


No conflict:

  1. Group think- close-mindedness- stereotyped views of outgrips- effect on conflict those who are opposed to the group are viewed as weak, evil, biased, spiteful, impotent, or stupid. Negative views of the ‘enemy’ make effective responses to conflict seem unnecessary.

Dysfunctions of a team #2 -fear of conflict

-Fear of conflict leads to artificial harmony

-Productive ideological conflict versus destructive fighting and internal politics

-Create environments where back channel politics, personal attacks and harassment thrive


Productive conflict:

Productive/good conflict = lack of commitment

The purpose of healthy debate or productive conflict is to:

  1. Produce the best possible solution and resolve issues more quickly and completely

    Good conflict is about unfiltered, passionate debate around issues

    Conflict norms must be clear

    Purpose of productive conflict is to:

  1. Produce the best possible solution

    -Discuss and resolve issues more quickly and completely

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The purpose of teams is for members to work together effectively in achieving the set objectives. However, interpersonal conflict among team members is inevitable due to differences in individual perceptions. Disagreements, however, pose both positive and negative impacts on the team. One of the team’s adverse effects is group stereotypes (Lee, Avgar, Park, and Choi, 2019). Individuals who oppose the groups and their decisions are perceived to be weak, biased, and spiteful. It disrupts the team’s proper functioning because some members will avoid responding to conflict due to fear. An environment in which individual opinions are faced with personal attacks and harassment is not healthy. Individual and team performance declines due to stress and lack of collaboration. Instead of the group engaging in productive ideological arguments, disagreements may result in destructive fighting. The interpersonal relationships within the team are also affected, which creates tension and anxiety in the workplace. Job satisfaction reduces, which forces some members to leave the organization.(421words)