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The Importance of the American Dream

I need a essay of 5 to 6 pages about the IMPORTANCE OF AMERICAN DREAM. It needs to include at least 5 academic resources( peer-reviewed articles, essays, news, …) and quote from them into the essay. The source should be 5 or more than 5 pages.

Please find below the prompt for my essay. After reviewing the prompt, please let me know if you will have any concerns or questions about it. Thank you.

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‘The American Dream’ was a term that was initially coined by James Truslow Adams, a renowned historian, and writer, in his book “Epic of America” in1931. The main idea was to develop a country where every citizen can reach his or her dreams and ambitions according to one’s achievement and ability regardless of one’s class or where one was born but should be attained through risk-taking, sacrifice, and hard work. The Declaration of Independence and the Federal law also powerfully support the American Dream by acknowledging that all people were created equal and given unalienable rights, including Liberty, Life, and the personal pursuit of Happiness. The dream views everyone as unique with the freedom to make small and large decisions to achieve better and bigger things than prior generations. The American Dream has its benefits and influences individual and social success and how people treat each other. Additionally, it has been detrimental to individuals and society in several ways.

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