Working in collaborative teams

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Please respond to two of the following prompts.

Prompt 1

  • You have probably had experience working in collaborative teams in previous courses. Describe some of your best and worst experiences. What did you learn that would help in future collaborative projects?

Prompt 2

  • What are the logical flaws in each of the following?
    • “The election could not have been fair – I don’t know anyone who voted for the winner.”
    • “It would be wrong to prosecute Allied for age discrimination. Allied has always been a great corporate neighbor.”
    • “The decrease in smoking can be attributed to increased restrictions on smoking in public.”
    • “Bill’s proposal to create an on-site day-care center is just the latest of his harebrained ideas.”
    • “Our Model X500 didn’t succeed because we failed to sell a sufficient number of units.”

Prompt 3

  • Explain the difference between a chronological and a skills résumé. Which one would you use if you had little experience in the job area you are applying for?

Prompt 4

  • Comment on the effectiveness of the following memo

To: All Employees
From: S. Edwards, General Manager
Subject: Abuse of Copiers
Date: May 10, 20XX

It has recently been brought to my attention that many of the people who are employed by this company have taken advantage of their positions by availing themselves of the copiers. More specifically, these machines are being used for other than company business.

Obviously, such practice is contrary to company policy and must cease and desist immediately. I wish therefore to inform all concerned – those who have abused the policy or will be abusing it – that their behavior cannot and will not be tolerated. Accordingly, anyone in the future who is unable to control himself will have his employment terminated.

If there are any questions about company policy, please feel free to contact this office.


Initial Post

  • Minimum 150 words Include at least one reference from the text or outside source in your analysis

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One best experience I have acquired working in collaborative teams is brainstorming that ultimately led to convergence activities. This experience resulted from allowing each team member to give their opinions, build on other people’s views, or question the feasibility of an idea. The experience resulted in the most promising results, such as shared performance. According to Seeber et al. (2017), brainstorming techniques such as attention guidance and encouragement in discussions have positive effects on the quality of convergence. In the collaborative teams, I experienced high levels of convergence that resulted in satisfaction and motivation in the teams. However, one worst experience from collaborative teams is time wastage that depleted motivation in the teams. This experience resulted in divisions that lead to teams` termination without completing the objectives.(321 words)