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Children and Adolescents Health Challenges in Your Community

In addition to abuse, neglect, and family violence, which were discussed last week; what are some of the other major health challenges for children and adolescents in your community (Brooklyn, NY)? Are there community resources available to help with these issues?

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Some resourses for this class:

Review the status of education in the U.S. along with issues such as bullying at:


Review some of the key national indicators of well-being found at:


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Children and adolescents usually undergo health challenges such as abuse from their family members or adults around them. These health challenges lead to psychological problems, making it hard for children and adolescents to concentrate on important things like education. Apart from abuse, family violence, and neglect in my community, other health challenges among children and adolescents include poverty and cyber-bullying. Brooklyn is part of New York City, and it still experiences some level of poverty. Children that come from poor families develop cognitive and behavioral difficulties because of the challenges they go through while interacting with other children from richer families (, 2020). They feel uncomfortable in schools, which means that they cannot concentrate on education. They also withdraw from social interactions, especially when most of their friends are from financially stable families because they do not have enough money to fit that social class. Besides, children who are raised in poor families have limited access to healthcare services. Hence they are likely not to recover from mental and physical health illnesses.