Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Assignment 2

Critical Thinking Assignment #2. The format will be the same as the first, except you will analyze a different source from pages 36-58 in the Course Reader. You may choose any source you want from those pages. The specific directions are on page five of the syllabus and the Course Reader with the sources can be found in the Announcement section. Let me know if you have any questions.

Your task for the critical thinking skills assignment will be to analyze a primary source from the Course Reader. The essay should be 1 – 2 pages. It should answer the questions, who, what, when and why? It is recommended you use this format:

Introduction: Who? When?

Next 1-2 paragraphs: What? What does the primary source say?

Next 1-2 paragraphs: Contextualize the primary source. Why does the author write what he/she does? What historical events and trends are shaping the author’s perspective? This the challenging part.

use 2 quotes max (Not more than 15 words each)

Email submissions will not be accepted. Late assignments will lose two points.

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The primary source to be analyzed is about the ‘Selections on Caser and Christ- The Persecution Under Diocletian.’ The source of this text is from Lactantius’s book about the persecutors’ death and was translated into modern language by Burnet Gilbert in 1767. In the analysis of this primary source, the main focus is on Lactantius’s ideas and proclamations that were to guide Christian men. Therefore, Burnet Gilbert, the translator, emphasized Lactantius’s sentiments on the edicts during the Roman Emperors era.(477words)