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Ethical hacking

Discussion: Ethical hacking

Tech companies prepare for cyberattacks using common cybersecurity resources. Select one of the resources listed and explain how you could implement that particular policy to prevent an attack: 1. monitoring and assessment, 2. policies and controls, 3. hiring, 4. software, 5. firewalls, 6. authentication and access, 7. encryption.

Requirements: 200 to

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Preventing Hacking Using Policies and Controls

According to Bambauer (2020), hacking has caused tremendous damage to individuals, companies, institutions, businesses, and government agencies. This has led to aggressive awareness campaigns to susceptible victims to protect their systems against a data breach. Data breaches pose a critical threat to individuals’ privacy and their financial wellbeing. There are numerous ways people adopt to strengthen their systems and avoid attacks on their data. The method adopted must consider how opportunistic and targeted attacks happen and serve perfectly to the course. Policies and controls are very effective in data security efforts.