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Internet and Internet of things marketing strategy

Discussion: information Assurance

Explain in your own words why businesses must have an Internet and IoT marketing strategy

An initial post must be between 250-

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The Internet has initiated tremendous changes in the business world. The role of the internet in business is continually changing, with most operations becoming fully digitized. The Internet started as a platform that allowed humans to talk to humans. It has evolved from websites to email and social media. The internet has become more sophisticated and rapidly advanced to include objects and machines in the conversation. The technology pioneering the internet of things has availed ways of non-human things to connect to the internet (Saarikko, Westergren, & Blomquist, 2017). To ensure survival and maintain competitiveness in the modern business world, individual businesses must adopt an internet and IoT marketing strategy as the global online market is continually flooding with customers.