Mechanical systems

Each student will write a research paper centered around retractable gear aircraft systems,
including mechanical systems for both operating and preventing gear up landings, safety
concerns, common problems experienced, a review of inadvertent gear up landing
accidents/incidents, and the psychological aspects of preventing gear up landings. The paper
should address the various lessons learned from previous such incidents, and address what
measures (procedural, technological, etc.) should be adopted to prevent similar incidents from
occurring in the future. The style required for formatting the paper is American Psychological
Association (APA), 7th edition, guidelines. The paper will be graded on accuracy and
completeness of information, cohesiveness, spelling and grammar, and number and quality of
references. The paper should be a minimum of 5 pages of content (typewritten, double-spaced,
one inch margins, and no larger than 12 point font). A minimum of 5 quality references,
appropriately cited in the text and appropriately listed on a reference page, should be used. In
addition to the 5 pages of content, a title page and a reference list are also required


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– please follow the APA 7Th edition style too.

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Requirements: 5 pages

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There are a couple of safety features used to prevent gear-up landing. One such feature is the gear warning horn system. This horn is normally activated when an aircraft’s gear is not down and locked (Luculescu & Prisacariu, 2015). This horn is linked to the flap position and airspeed indicator, and thus, when an aircraft drops below a particular configuration, power setting, or speed, with its gear retracted, it will go off. Ground locks, safety switches, and mechanical down locks are used to prevent accidental retraction of a gear (Luculescu & Prisacariu, 2015). Numerous aircraft are fitted with supplementary safety devices to ensure the gear does not collapse when it is on the ground. These devices are referred to as ground locks.

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Mechanical systems