Tittle: in 900 to 1050 word paper Track your experience of positive and negative emotions over 4 days this week. Address the following.
Choose Topic: Psychology
Select number of pages: 2
Question Description: * Did you experience more positive or negative emotions during the tracking period.
* What did you notice about the range of emotions you experience during the 4 days? What type of experience generated the strongest emotional responses.
* Explain the psychological benefits of positive emotions as discussed in this week’s readings.
* What are some strategies to help cultivate positive emotions in your life.

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I have experienced a range of more negative emotions over the past four days. These emotions include a powerful sense of fear, sadness, and surprise. The feelings followed the massive riot at the capitol. As a businessperson, I was fearful that the riot would escalate and affect my daily life. I was worried that the violence would initiate devastating economic shock, usually accompanied by violent crises. The business environment is super sensitive to what is happening around it. People hold their money in times of crisis, thus crippling businesses. The element of surprise was a result of the unexpected nature of the occurrences. I have never imagined such a level of violence in such a critical time, especially in the capitol. The capitol being overwhelmed made me figure it would only take days for other parts of the country to deteriorate and make the business environment and other aspects of my life worse. I have realized the negative emotions substantially affected my performance as the negativity reduced my morale to perform my daily operations. Despite the frustrations and the fear of the unknown, things seem to be getting normal, and there is a sense of relaxation.