Desert Island Rapper

Desert Island Rapper

We’ve all gotten a taste of isolation over the past year. Despite the wealth of media the internet provides us, the experience nonetheless drives home the idea of the “desert island album,” that old game in which you name a single album you would like to have if stranded on a desert island, and argue the reasons why.

For this essay I’d like you to choose your desert island rapper. If you could only listen to one rapper, who would it be, and why? They can be contemporary or old school. Make a case for them: why should we pay attention to this artist? Why should their work be included not only in places like rap-specific anthologies, but in places representative of all of English Literature? Show us why this rapper should be part of the canon of Great Works (the label this course falls under).

Your discussion may include a look at this artist’s use of poetic devices, a consideration of how their work holds up when compared to other works of literature (or, how well does their work explore the intricacies of human nature?), and how this work might be read in terms of the historical and cultural contexts out of which it was born. It can also include personal experience, anecdotes, opinion, etc. Make it lively.

Requirements: 1,750 words

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Looking into KRS One bibliography, it is clear that his works extend beyond the Criminally minded album by BDP. Indeed, you can consider him the most significant member of the crew who would continually advance the music. Most people regard him as the son of hip hop bearing its principles, history, advocacy, and way of life in all his artistic works. There are 20 albums with his credits, and he has made numerous appearances with other artists. Beyond rap music hits KRS, one has contributed to English literature by publishing three groundbreaking books. This includes ”Science of Rap (1995), Ruminations (2003), and the Gospel of Hip Hop (2009) (AAE Speakers, 1). The most significant themes in his artistic works include race, power, social justice, class, and intellect/social justice. These issues are recognized as the hidden politics of rap music (Parma, 83). Despite the presence of contemporary influential media moguls such as Jay Z and 50 cents, the artist’s contribution to literature is significant.

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Desert Island Rapper