Biblical and Cultural views of Singleness

1. What are the biblical and cultural views of singleness? Do our churches take care of singles? Consider different age groups of singles. What are some premarital questions we should consider? Why do people invest in bad relationships and who suffers the consequences?

2. From Chapter 4 of Boundaries in Marriage, what do the authors mean by “It Takes Two to Make One”? What are some things that a relationship can and cannot provide? Whether married or single, why is it important to know this early in life

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One of the most popular notions associated with relationships, especially the bad ones, is that the heart wants what it wants. The meaning derived from this is that no matter how bad a relationship is, as long as one partner or both of them love each other, they will remain together despite the challenges they encounter. Other than this, there is a financial and cultural aspect to why some people invest in bad relationships. When one partner relies entirely on the other one for their financial well-being, this lack of financial independence might prevent them from leaving such relationships. Culture has an immense influence on how people act. As such, partners from cultures that perceive leaving a relationship as a failure might prompt them to invest in a bad and failing relationship. Doing this comes at a considerable cost, psychologically, emotionally, and physically, for both partners. The psychological and physical wounds such relationships impact couples follow them for the rest of their lives,

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Biblical and Cultural views of Singleness