Improving Workers Behavior

Include your rationale for selecting those 2 areas for employee behavior change and provide justification for your proposed method of leading that employee change. The proposal should include information about the focus of the change effort, what it is and why it needs to be changed. The change effort needs to be focused in the health behavior change models. The rationale and justification should be compelling, as they will be used to motivate employees to make the proposed change. Paper must include a minimum of 2 scholarly references in APA format.

Requirements: 500/700

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Balancing employees’ work time and personal life has always been an issue within the El Paso VA Health Care System. That is because it is a big a hospital with many clients and few employees (Carlucci, Mura, & Schiuma, 2019). There are times when employees feel lost at work and feel isolated in their personal lives. Helping employees balance work and personal life is essential as it helps deliver more positive outcomes through change. The more employees spend time within the workplace, the more they will be receptive to any change. Therefore, the El Paso VA Health Care System should create flexible working policies that help them create time to attend to their personal and professional lives. For instance, the HR department can create a policy of compensating employees for overtime. That will make them feel appreciated for their efforts and help them re-energize.

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Improving Workers Behavior