Operations Management

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Review Action Time 3.1: The Yogurt Company and Security (found in Chapter 3 of the text). In 200-300 words, identify a potential cause of the thefts and provide two recommendations to the management of The Yogurt Company on how they can eliminate this problem. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.


Review Case Study 5.1: Live Racking at B.M.W. found in Chapter 5 of the text. Assume that you are the warehouse director for B.M.W. B.M.W. has learned that the 39-second cycle time described in the case is inadequate for 21st century operations and has asked you to reduce the cycle time down to 30 seconds or less. In 200-300 words, identify a technique described in Chapter 4 or 5 that could potentially be used to reduce cycle time down to 30 seconds or less.

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In the presented case study, B.M.W has a challenge in reducing the cycle time in operations. The cycle-time reduction is an essential practice in business operations since this enhances efficiency in meeting clients’ demands.  Hence, consideration of factors like reducing travel time helps shorten the cycle. Achieving this requires prioritization of tasks and identification of efficient paths that make work more efficient. In the live racking business, B.M.W can use the articulated forklift trucks (AFTs) to improve its operations. The AFTs have two types of applications, the narrow aisle trucks (NATs) and counter-balance trucks (CBTs), making it possible for the trucks to work indoors and outdoors. Moreover, other attachments can be included in the machines to enhance the functionalities.

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Operations Management