Role and value of cultural and social intelligence


Your company is planning on expanding its offices overseas. In anticipation of your management leading a more culturally diverse team, you have been asked to create a cultural report. Within the report, you will need to include a table or chart that lists Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and their connection to diversity management and explain the role and value of cultural and social intelligence.


First, create a table or chart to include in the cultural report that:

Next, develop a cultural report that:

  • Defines the concepts of cultural and social intelligence with details on similarities and differences. How are they related, and what sets them apart?
  • Discusses the impact that social intelligence can have on success in the workplace. How will social intelligence be important to your company as they expand their offices overseas?
  • Be sure the cultural report displays proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and credible sources cited in APA format.

Requirements: 4 pages not including cover and reference page

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The best strategy for the manager when they join a high-power country such as China, the Arab world, and France the following strategies are necessary:

o   Ensure top leadership is powerful and with great competence

o   Maximize the leader’s decision-making capabilities etc.

o   Recognize leaders’ power to foster influence (Sent, & Kroese, 2020).

The best strategy for the manager when they join a low power country such as the United Kingdom or Canada include:

Ø  Emphasize performance development efforts, including training.

Ø  Ensure there is significant collaboration.

Ø  Fosters strong works teams and delegates roles to the team leaders.

Ensure consultations with the employees at all levels.

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Role and value of cultural and social intelligence