Customer Experience

Part 1: The Paper is to have a Title page, an Introduction, Discussion and Conclusion of 4 pages, and a Reference page

Part 2: Based on your initial paper, produce an 8-slide PPT presentation using the following



Imagine that you are required to advise a hotel on how to provide a great service experience as the pandemic gradually recedes within your chosen region.

1.Name the actual hotel or use a fictional example within a defined location.

2.Use course concepts and relevant sources to highlight how a great service experience will be provided.

3.Include up to 10 of the most important rules that are currently required by your regional or national government to enhance customer safety.

4.Include any advice that is also offered by industry experts or industry associations on ensuring customer safety.



Imagine that you are now required to present a synthesis of your research and findings to the hotel management in a formal PPT presentation. However, due to social distancing and conflicting schedules of the management team, the presentation needs to be recorded with your voice narrating and elaborating key points (not reading out slides)

Requirements: you can decided

The specific requirements are in the document.Please read the requirements carefully, this is very important to me.You don’t need to record, but I hope you can leave some speech scripts for me to record

manuscript try to be more colloquial, Make it look like it’s not read????

And PPT, please try your best to look good, it’s really very important.

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After the emergency of the coronavirus, in later 2019, the hospitality industry was immensely impacted. It reduced the number of the guest visiting most of the hotels across the world. The health crisis had a negative impact on the Irie Jack Hotel as it was forced to lay off most of the workforce due to the established government health policies and reduction in the flow of customers (Priyo, Mohamad, & Adetunji, 2019). In addition, the cost of operation has dramatically increased as the customers are forced to follow the health policies like hand sanitization, social distance, and others.  With the health crisis fading away, there are various ways that the company will utilize to ensure that it provides a great service experience. First, the hotel will introduce the cashless service where the company will be required to pay for its services through the company’s commercial application.

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Customer Experience