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Find & Post (or post a link to) an example of business communication (such as a photo, short video, brief piece of writing, news release, song, etc, and that, based upon the aspects of effective communications. Either does a good job or a bad job at doing that. Write a 3 paragraph-long evaluation of the communication, citing why you think it either was or was not effective.

Requirements: 3 paragraph-long

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Another situation that demonstrated ineffective communication in the video is the response given by the trainees. Communication is a two-way process that demands input from all parties involved. However, in the video, the healthcare trainees did not participate in the communication process by asking questions or clarification of the use of jargon terms (Creative Media, 2014). Their response to the message can be interpreted to indicate they lack any interest or do not understand the trainer. The end receiving information in a conversation should engage in responding to the speaker through verbal or non-verbal communication.

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Business communication