Organizational Change

In today’s environment, organizations will need to change to remain competitive. Considering Tesla, identify a change you would like to implement, and respond to the following:

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There are several challenges associated with implementing these changes at Tesla. First, there are restraining forces opposed to change. For example, on the issue of injuries, Elon Musk’s supporters believe that even if Musk himself were to perform duties of the injured employees, he would still not fully comprehend the dangerous state of the workplace. Secondly, on the issue of harassment, Elon Musk hinted that Tesla was not open to fixing harassment and discrimination when he asked the employees to grow thick skins when faced with those problems. Third, according to Kotter’s theory on organizational behavior and why companies fail, having these changes can lower the reputation of Tesla. People would view Tesla has as a company that failed to prioritize its employees, and they may also question why it took long for these changes to be made.

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Organizational change