Ethics in Financial Meltdown

I have a two-part question:

1. Would you describe the financial meltdown in the 2007-2008 financial markets as a failure of “people” of our “capital market processes? Why? Provide supporting thoughts with ethical theory and examples.

2. Why is diversity and discrimination two important ethical factors that leaders should focus on while attempting to manage their workforce? Provide one example of how mismanaging these issues have had an impact on an organization? How would you explain the importance of this to your employees?

Requirements: One full page per question with 1 reference for each question (APA style).

Requirements: 1 full page per question (2 total pages), with 1 reference for each question (APA Style)

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Any organization’s progress depends on its ability to maintain its workforce and leverage its extensive capabilities. How an organization treats its employees plays a significant role in its performance. Therefore, it is essential to identify potential causes of problems and take appropriate measures to address them. Diversity and discrimination are two fundamental ethical concepts in the management of employees (Associated Press, 2022). Diversity refers to the need to ensure that the workforce reflects a broader pool of people from different ethnicities, religions, genders, and those with disabilities. Discrimination describes treating a person differently from others because of their characteristics.

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Ethics in Financial Meltdown