Family Dynamics and The Chapters of My Life

NOTICE***(Due Sunday by midnight at the end of week 3)

Assignment Requirements (Use as a checklist):

Suggested Outline

  • Name on top right corner of page
  • Title centered 4 spaces under name
  • Introduction – 1st paragraph
    1. Define concepts to be covered
    2. Explain how you see these concepts in your own family
    3. List the main concepts you are going to discuss in the body of the paper. Make sure to have at least 6. You need one paragraph in the body for each point you mention in this part of the introduction.
    4. State thesis: purpose of paper. This is the last sentence of your introduction. (Ex: Since families play such a major role in our lives, it is very important to understand the theories and systems at work within them .)
  • Body – 2nd thru 6th or 8th paragraphs
    1. The 2nd paragraph of your paper (or 1st paragraph of the body should discuss the first concept you listed in the introduction.
    2. The next paragraph of your paper should discuss the 2nd concept you listed.
    3. Continue in this pattern until you have addressed the concepts you listed.
  • Conclusion – Last paragraph
    1. Restate your thesis or the purpose of your paper
    2. Write about why this is important
    3. Remember to make the conclusion similar in length to the other paragraphs.

*Many students write a one or two sentence conclusion. Do not do that.

Grading Grid

Item Description Percent
Correct definition of concepts 10%
Statement of main points and thesis in introduction 5%
Properly indented paragraphs 5%
Content in introduction 5%
Content in body 40%
Content in conclusion 5%
Balance – paragraphs similar in length – about 150 words 5%
Organization – followed format (intro, body, conclusion) 5%
Spelling 10%
Grammar 10%
Total: 100%
  • There will be a 20 pt. penalty for writing less than 1200 words on this assignment
  • There will be a 10 pt. penalty for each day the assignment is late. It is due Sunday, by midnight, of week 3.
  • There will be a 100 pt. penalty for plagiarizing. This means a 0. If in doubt, cite, cite, cite.

*Last, but not least, if you have any questions, please ask.

Parenthetical (In-Text) Citations

A parenthetical (in-text) citation is when you place the source in parenthesis ( ) right after the sentence you cited instead of waiting until the end of the paper. It helps the reader to

know exactly what sentences and paragraphs are taken from particular sources.

Place the author’s name and the source’s date of publication in parentheses immediately after the end of the cited material. If it is a direct quote, include the page number as well.

For example:

Helpful Tips

  • Always use spell and grammar check
  • Make sure you indented the paragraphs (10 spaces or half an inch)
  • Balance. Each paragraph should be similar in length
  • Review the APA video and resource in Student Resources under Course Home.
  • You can send your paper to the Keiser OWL (Online Writing Lab) for review and to ask for help.
Title: Exploring marriages & families
Edition: 3rd
Publisher: Pearson; 3 edition (2018)

  • ISBN: 978-0135828298

this the book i dont have it try looking it up online

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Terminologies used to describe members of a family, like brother or aunt, are vital. These words often denote the responsibilities and rights of each member within the household and the larger community. Status and role are vital when exploring the behaviors expected of people occupying positions within a family (Bales & Parsons, 2014). These terms were first used by an anthropologist named Ralph Linton and have since been integrated into social science (Bales & Parsons, 2014). Status denotes an individual’s culturally designated position, while role refers to the collection of behaviors expected from a person occupying a specific status. According to Bales and Parsons (2014), different cultures perceive family statuses and roles differently. Bales and Parsons (2014) further argue that statutes, like roles, are culturally based. Courtesy of this, there will be a difference in how people meet these cultural expectations. As alluded to in the previous paragraph, I grew up in a nuclear family comprised of two parents, my siblings,

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Family Dynamics and The Chapters of My Life