Organizational performance issue

In this assignment, you will conduct an Article Review of the professional journal articles assigned in this module.

You will compose a written review that includes:

  1. A brief summary of the articles read
  2. list of important information learned from the articles
  3. questions you have about the articles
  4. how you will apply information from the articles to your future work as a BCBA(Board Certificate Behavior Analysis).

Submit one document with an Article Review Worksheet for each Article Read to the respective assignment submission link in Canvas.

Requirements: Medium

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Essentially, Fritz et al. (2017) examined the impacts of the location of trashcans on proper recycling of trash items left in classrooms. The participants in the study were employees, visitors, and students at a university in southeast Texas. Fritz et al. (2017) targeted five classrooms and two office suites for their study. In addition, two independent data collectors gathered inter-observer agreement (IOA) data on 27% of the observation days. These data collectors counted items from the target bins and those left in classrooms. The IOA data was gathered one or two times per week on various days across all steps of the study. Fritz et al. (2017) used an ABAB reversal design to assess the impacts of the low-cost recycling measure. This measure revolved around the removal of trashcans from classrooms, with only available one situated close to the recycling bin found in hallways. The study results indicated that the measure helped improve correct recycling at the university.

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Organizational performance issue