Food in the German Culture

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Hyde Pfiefer, a retired 70-year-old German American, has lived in the United States for the last 50 years. A widower of 5 years, Mr. Pfiefer prepares his own meals following his wife’s recipes from the old country. Nine months ago, Mr. Pfiefer was told that his cholesterol is elevated, and he was instructed about a low-fat diet. His most recent test results show his values to be unchanged.

  1. Discuss the meaning of food in the German culture.
  2. Using the predominant health beliefs of people of German ancestry, how might you help Mr. Pfiefer reduce his cholesterol level?

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German cuisine is typically cooked with butter sauce, margarine, lard, or even bacon fat. Mr. Pfiefer did the same with his food when he halted a nutritional risk. High fat intake raises cholesterol (Stefan, 2020). The healthcare professional thus advised Mr. Pfiefer to follow a low-fat diet. To make sure that the cholesterol levels were drastically decreased, he was required to be monitored and have the contents in his food thoroughly assessed. I would particularly pick a food type that Mr. Pfiefer would utilize and advise as a healthcare professional. This food selection would focus on avoiding unhealthy food routines and selecting foods that guarantee a decrease in fat intake. Additionally, some American foods are low in fat; because acculturation is acceptable, I highly advise him to consider information about American cuisine.

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Food in the German Culture