Medical data and payroll information

There are several elements related to privacy and technology that need to be considered when implementing an HRIS.

As an HR manager, how you will address potential security risks on employee data, third-party access, or organizational data for a proposed HRIS? Choose one and describe in detail; include the controls recommended to address these concerns.

In responding to your peers, compare and contrast the risks identified.

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Information breach is a significant threat to the use of the HRIS system in organizations. Information breaches can be committed by third parties, employees, or other authorized users (Valcik, Sabharwal, & Benavides, 2021). Third-party breach risks exposing sensitive employee information to unauthorized persons. This negatively affects the individuals involved and the organization as its customers, and other employees may lose trust in the organization. Employees or managers with a level of clearance may also breach security privacy due to leaks. To avoid information breaches among employees and managers, the organization must create security policies to provide guidelines if the employees leak confidential information (Kavanagh & Johnson, 2020). This will discourage those with clearance status from engaging in fraudulent activities in the HRIS system. In case of an information breach by third parties, the organization should develop strong passwords and conduct regular security checks by updating the system.

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Medical data and payroll information