Security tactics

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Question Description: Examine how security tactics within the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE) have been improved via the implementation of technology (in areas such as border security, aviation security, transportation security, cybersecurity, and so on). After examining the technological impact, identify a current technological tool or one that is forthcoming that has or will improve the overall security posture. Detail the key capabilities of the selected technology as well as the capability gaps.

Respond to the following questions (at a minimum):

How is the concept or tactic organized? How is it managed? Who are the key players?
Why is the concept tactically sound, and why will it be effective?
What are the political implications for the concept?
What laws are considered for this problem?
What are the economic implications for the concept?
What are the impediments to the development and integration of the concept?
How should public and private organizations work together in this area?

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Like other technologies, drone technology also experiences rapid development with each passing year. As alluded to in the previous section of the paper, numerous agencies within the HSE are using this technology to facilitate the attainment of their objectives. One of the primary reasons for such usage is the effectiveness of the technology. Due to drone technology, the DHS can remotely track a threat when it manifests itself and enters the country without having to place any agents at any physical risk (Schwartz, 2021). For instance, when the DHS learns that a potential terrorist agent is likely to enter the country or is already within American borders, DHS agents can use drones to search for the individuals and track them (Schwartz, 2021). Once the DHS is able to track such an individual on a real-time basis, apprehending the individual will be much easier. Furthermore, when capturing the terrorist, DHS can use drone technology to provide aerial support to ensure the terrorist does not escape. Despite this, the effectiveness of this technology is significantly undermined by its potential to infringe on people’s privacy

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Security tactics