Trauma and PTSD


Asssignment # 7-1: “Trauma & PTSD” 3pages

After reading the articles and viewing the videos relating to Trauma, Vicarious Trauma and related topics, compare those learnings to the case example interview of our guest speaker who was involved in a law-enforcement shooting.

Identify the issues, reactions and observations of the article authors and speakers, and apply those to the former deputy’s description of his reaction in the aftermath of the critical incident he was involved in. Give specific examples and relate those examples to the specific author or speaker.

Assignment # 7-2 “Self-Care” 2pages

After reading the selections on self-care, viewing the Self Care Video Lectures, and reviewing the material on the Vicarious Trauma Tool-Kit for Agencies, write a  2 page essay reflecting on the following issues:

  • What can you do to practice effective self-care in your current role or job? (I’m a soccer referee for part time).
  • What self-care steps can you take in your future public service roles?
  • Can you use some of he learnings from this Unit and the material relating to self-care to help others in your profession?
  • Can you take steps to ensure your agency recognizes the importance of self-care…and how?

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PTSD is predominantly triggered by trauma. According to Joelle Rabow Maletis, psychological trauma comes from experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening adverse event or one that poses substantial potential for injury to self or others. Additionally, these experiences are generally accompanied by intense horror, helplessness, and fear, leading to PTSD (TED-Ed, 2018). This is similar to what Mr. Brewer dealt with after he was involved in a critical incident that resulted in him shooting an unarmed African American who later died in hospital. According to Mr. Brewer, he was numb and shocked minutes after the incident as he sat in a police car. He constantly replayed the incident in his mind, often thinking that what had happened was not real. One of the impacts of constantly experiencing traumatic events in law enforcement is the development of vicarious trauma (TED-Ed, 2016). Amy Cunningham states

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Trauma and PTSD