trends related to instructional leadership

Trend Interpretation

Identify five current trends related to instructional leadership. Explain which trends may be applicable and effective for your organization.

  • How does your organization interpret and utilize trends as a vehicle for improving instructional leadership?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of using a social media trend as a communication tool for improving the quality of instructional leadership in professional settings?
  • How can the challenges be alleviated?

Compose an original response, and comment on the posts of at least two classmates. APA citations are required only for the original response.

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One current trend is the presence of early education programs. School districts are increasingly introducing early education programs for young children to give them a head start. The pre-school programs are giving students a good opportunity to develop their literacy skills at a young age. Another trend is increasing diversity in schools, and this is because more people are immigrating into the country from other areas apart from Europe. These arrivals, mostly from Asia and Latin America, implies that school districts have to create social programs such as English as Second Language to ensure that all students are catered for. Another trend is an aging population. Studies show that the baby-boom generation is nearing retirement, which implies that schools have to grapple with workforce shortages. The fourth trend is shared leadership. Hilliard & Jackson (2011) says that more emphasis has been placed on ensuring students succeed, which has led to administrators becoming more involved in the school’s daily management by working with other members. All teachers are playing an influential role in the students’ success, and therefore they are increasingly involved in the school’s daily operations. The fifth trend is that classes are being configured to meet emerging student needs. Modern classrooms are being configured to match the learning needs of students.