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Ethics, Politics, and Economics of Policy

Ethics, Politics, and Economics of Policy Assignment

There are many influences when a policy is being considered. Economical, ethical, and political issues are faced by executives and politicians, who are influenced by lobbyists and others who have a concerted interest in the success or failure of the policy.

Write a two-to three-page letter on one of the following prompts, taking one of the perspectives as below, speaking in that designated voice, keeping in mind financial concerns, ethical and social issues and the human factor.

  • As the aid to the governor of your state, you are preparing her speech to outline the economic, ethical, and political aspects of the issue of providing undocumented workers with worker’s compensation as a requirement for employment.
  • As the Chief Financial Officer of a state funded hospital you are writing to the governor lobbying him on the issue of providing undocumented workers with healthcare access when injured as your hospital is now absorbing all costs.
  • As the owner of a small landscaping business, you write a letter to the governor of your state lobbying for your position, for or against, on the requirement to supply worker s compensation to undocumented workers.
Your letter should be written following current APA style guidelines.
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Immigration is at its highest globally, with the US being the largest recipient of migrant workers. Even though most of these workers are documented, there is a large percentage that is undocumented. Most undocumented workers work in construction, manufacturing, agricultural, and other low-paying and dangerous jobs in the country. Health is a crucial human right, and all humans are entitled to adequate healthcare. Undocumented migrants who work in the high-risk industries face poor healthcare if they are not recognized as eligible for workers compensation. According to Berlinger & Raghavan (2013), healthcare is a basic need, but many undocumented workers do not get it because they do not have workers benefits.

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