Brand Marketing via Social Media

E-Commerce Research Project

Brand Marketing via Social Media

Effective branding could be one of the pillars of any sustainable marketing strategy in today’s world, express all but not limited to the following in your research project.

A well-structured research paper should help you to achieve a high overall grade.

The following general format or layout is suggested for the presentation of your argument or topic:

You are expected to preserve ample flexibility in the conduct of your study, and are encouraged to be as free and creative as possible in the development of your central argument and structuring of your final paper.

The basic expectation is that you will demonstrate deep understanding of the theoretical and practical issues related to your topic in a manner that is consistent with the course learning objectives.

The final paper must contain at least 2,500 words and comply with the current APA format.


  • Prove how branding via the internet has become more precedent than in person
  • show how cost-effective branding online is to operate a brick-and-mortar.
  • Speak highly on cost-effectiveness, enduring a better target audience, and the pros of online branding.
  • Provide some techniques/strategies that you have learned that would help effective branding.
  • Explain drop shipping versus having the product on hand.
  • Evidence of effective social media marketing
  • Pros and cons of social media branding.
  • And more.
  • Cover or title page: Align the text that contains your name, course number, your teacher’s name, and the date of the deadline in the center of the page.
  • Abstract: Usually less than a page long, the abstract describes your work. It lets readers know where the paper is headed, the issue at hand, and why the subject was interesting or important enough that you decided to write about it.
  • Introduction: The introduction should begin with a statement of the problem to be addressed. Explain the significance of the topic or problem at hand and write about how you plan to discuss or resolve the issue.
  • Body: The body of your text should contain the main points from your research. Clearly present the main points of the paper as listed in the thesis. Give strong examples, details, and explanations to support each main point by skillfully integrating the evidence from the literature sources to engage the audience. Do not forget certain positions pertaining to the issue and the analysis of the research you have done.
  • Results: Explain why your research has led you to believe certain things about your subject. How has your view changed from when you began the project? Has it stayed the same, and why? Tie everything you’ve been explaining into what you had stated in your introduction.
  • Discussion: End with a summary and a conclusion about the topic in question. Finish by stating an opening question or by prompting the reader to continue his or her own research on the subject through a discussion.
  • References: Include a minimum of 10 outside references, with at least two references from professional journals or other peer-reviewed sources. Current APA format must be used.

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Brick and mortar refer to an organization owning a physical presence for its operations where customers can walk in. However, the retail landscape has been in continuous flux for the past twenty years. That is due to threats from large chain stores and the rise of eCommerce sites forcing retailers to adapt to new innovations to attract more customers (Qi, Chan, Hu, & Li, 2020). Transitioning to online selling is one way of navigating these changes. Branding online for brick and mortar is cost-effective because, unlike the traditional way of opening more stores, launching an online store is more budget-friendly. That will cut employee salaries, renovation costs, and rent as digital commerce requires minimal overhead costs. Doing business online will only need one person to run the website while customers can collect their products from the store.

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Brand Marketing via Social Media

Business Plan Part III

Part III of the business plan is due in week 5. Together with this part, you must show to your instructor that you have implemented the necessary corrections based on the part I feedback.

Part III Requirements

1.Marketing Strategy

a.The marketing strategy should address how you will differentiate your company from competitors.

b.Frame your marketing plan to show potential investors what factors will make your product or service more desirable than those offered by the competition.

c.You should present information to show your plan is well-researched and includes reasonable assumptions.

d.In addition, the work should illustrate that the proposed company is not entering a declining industry or market segment.

e.Tables and figures must be introduced in the narrative.

f.The marketing plan should include:

i.Analysis of the business opportunity

g.Target market inclusive of potential customers and their location

h.Location of your business

i.Economic, demographic, and geographic factors which may influence the success of the proposed venture

2.Organizational Success Strategies

a.Present a 1-2 page summary of the vision of the company’s success.

b.Show what strategies will be adopted to ensure the overall success.

c.Identify and ethical dilemmas of your strategies and how it will impact corporate social responsibility.

Requirements: 700- 1000 words


Nice job on your first part of the business plan! This looks like it will be a good business idea to work with for your project. Remember to include references.

The following is a website where you can fill out a personal vision statement generator and get you vision statement;

Keep up the good work,

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P.G. Trucking LLC will run adverts on these platforms via text and video messages highlighting the services provided by the company and why customers should transact with the company rather than its competitors. Specifically, the advert messages will highlight the company’s low prices, its excellent customer service, and its commitment to promoting excellent waste management to conserve the environment (Li et al., 2021). Social media adverts targeting tree farmers will reference the company’s commitment to ensuring they earn a profit from the timber they supply. This will resonate with them, considering it allows them to run a long-term sustainable and profitable business. Social media marketing is significantly cheaper than traditional marketing (Li et al., 2021). For instance

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Business Plan Part III

Marketing strategies in the health care industry

Read the case study, Stopping Outshopping [PDF] (also found in Chapter 32 of your textbook). Then, use the Internet or Strayer library to research similar marketing strategies in the health care industry.

Assignment Instructions

Your task is to create an offensive marketing plan for Scarlet Hospital. The competition has already created a marketing plan that advertises in your area, so your marketing plan should reflect that.

Chapter 39 in Health Care Marketing outlines Philip Kotler’s Marketing Plan. Read through this to understand what you will need to include in your plan.

You may want to watch some of the videos found in the LinkedIn Learning course, Writing a Marketing Plan, to get specifics on the different parts of a plan.

You may also want to review the article 8 Important Steps to Successfully Implement Your Marketing Plan.

Your plan should be 4–6 pages and include the following eight sections:

  1. An Executive Summary and Table of Contents that summarizes the key points of the marketing plan including any recommendations and strategies and has an itemized table of contents for the plan that make each of the sections easy to find.
  2. An explanation of the Current Marketing Situation that determines whether Scarlet Hospital is ready to fully compete aggressively based on market research, and existing marketing plan.
  3. An Opportunity and Issue Analysis that assesses the existing marketing plan, while making recommendations on the direction Scarlet Hospital should follow. It should also include a review of the Scarlet hospital strategy for assessing the potential for a change or enhancement to generate revenue.
  4. Objectives for an offensive marketing plan using techniques like market penetration, market development and product development.
  5. A Market Strategy that proposes a one-page offensive strategy (such as communication, branding, or innovation) that Scarlet Hospital should deploy in order to turn the table on opposing health care providers and improve its competitive marketing position.
  6. An outline of Action Programs that can be put in place by Scarlet Hospital to protect its market share and thus decrease the chance of losing patients to other institutions. Action programs should also reflect an awareness of the current events that contribute to the risk of losing patients to other institutions.
  7. Financial Projections that allow Scarlet Hospital to determine if any financial reinforcement is needed for the offensive marketing strategy.
  8. Implementation Controls that include a review of the marketing team’s plan, communication and project timeline to ensure those pieces contribute to the success of the marketing strategy being implemented.

Use 3 sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source slide at least one time within your assignment. For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library guides. These sources can be the last page of the plan.

This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment:

  • Propose an offensive marketing strategy for a health care organization to meet a competitive challenge.

Requirements: 4-6 pages

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The second offensive marketing strategy for Scarlet Hospital is innovation. Innovation is a major source of competitive advantage in delivering a unique value proposition (Milella et al., 2021). Huge investment in research and development(R&D) will enhance the early adoption of innovative medical solutions and delivery of high-quality healthcare services. Innovation in healthcare systems constantly promotes change efforts and supports operational efficiency. This is important to support the affordability of specialized healthcare services. Innovation is the most feasible offensive marketing strategy to support out shopping by patients from Salem. The organization will deliver a differentiated value from its competitors, maintaining a significant market share.

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Marketing strategies in the health care industry