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View the film “Decoding Neanderthals”

View the film “Decoding Neanderthals” (link below)

View the film “Decoding Neanderthals” (link below)


Then answer the questions below. Type your responses into the text box or attach a file.

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  1. What does archaeological evidence such as the Levallois flake, pitch for gluing tools, and pigment for body painting indicate about Neanderthal behavior?
  2. What is the FOXP2 gene, and what significant discovery was made concerning this gene and Neanderthals?
  3. What was the conclusion reached by Svante Paabo’s team about Neanderthal-modern human interbreeding?
  4. According to John Hawkes, why did Neanderthals become extinct?

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Archaeological evidence such as the Levallois flake and the gluing tools’ pitch indicates that Neanderthals had an intelligent behavior. This is because the evidence shows that Neanderthals used advanced technology than previously thought to make their tools. For example, in making the Levallois flake, Neanderthals used advanced technology to engineer sharp-edged tools fit for their hunting. This has proved to be difficult for modern human beings since it took eighteen months to master the technique after several years of toil (Melvin Sutton, 2016, 00:7:28-00:10:07).