BUS 624 Week 3 Discussion 2

Review The Networking Advice No One Tells You (Links to an external site.) article.

Networking is a critical part of managing your career and like everything else related to your career, it must be done intentionally and strategically. Oftentimes we don’t consider networking until we need a new job and it is easy to appear desperate at that point. By building up your network before you actually need it, you are creating a safety net for yourself, minimizing the chances of needing to aggressively hit the job boards, and improving the odds of new opportunities actually finding you.

For your initial response, use The Networking Advice No One Tells You (Links to an external site.) as your guide and

  • Discuss the things in your life that currently hold you back from networking.
  • Explain your value proposition based on your career goals.
  • Outline a networking plan that includes five next strategic steps to take (be specific and realistic here).
  • Share your LinkedIn profile URL so your classmates can begin connecting with you.

Your initial response should be a minimum of 400 words.

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My mindset is one thing that holds me back from networking because I believe the purpose of networking is for individual benefit. The factor reduces the opportunities of interacting with other people and establishing relationships that would lead to new connections. According to Marcus (2018), failure to strategies networking in line with my career goals and ambitions is another thing that holds one back from networking. On most occasions, I engage with random people and miss the opportunity of meeting with professionals in my career field. The other factor is the limit of my networking boundary. Associating with people with whom we share the same views and background limits the exposure of new connections and different views. The other concern is that I don’t follow up conversations of people I interact with, which minimizes the chances of establishing real relationships that can lead to strategic networking. Similarly, I don’t plan and allocate time to network as in other schedules. This limits the time I interact with people who can lead to new connections.(572 words)

Food Service and Hospitality Strategic Marketing

Food Service and Hospitality Strategic Marketing Selected Issues Research Paper and Presentation(PPT)

Food Service and Hospitality Strategic Marketing

Selected Issues Research Paper and Presentation


There are a number of specific issues surrounding the marketing of products, especially as it concerns the food and beverage industry. For this assignment you will select a specific issue from one of the topics provided below. You will complete a 5 to 7-page research paper on the topic. The paper will be submitted to me through the assignment. The details and specifics of the assignment are as described below.

General Information and Guidelines

Each student will choose a specific issue within one of the general topics assigned and prepare a report in narrative form. The general topics are provided as a guide within which you should select specific topics.

I am not looking for you to provide a summary of social media marketing. I am looking for you to identify a really specific, interesting and topical subject related to social media marketing and then tell me all about it. (For example, if one of the provided general topics was food safety and sanitation, you might choose to research and present on the public relations efforts of Chipotle to minimize the negative impact of their past food safety issues or their operational efforts to avoid further occurrences going forward.).

General Topics

You may select a specific issue within the following four general topics. The specific topic you select is subject to approval by the instructor.

1.Marketing Trends

2.Social Media Marketing

3.Local and Sustainable

4.Food Marketing and Distribution Ethics

Selected Issues Paper

A 5 to 7-page narrative, double spaced

A list of your sources in MLA format

Include a title page with the topic and your name

Selected Issues Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation approximately 15 to 20 minutes in length

Include voice-over narration where appropriate


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With the growing competition in the food and hospitality industry, there is an increasing need to carry out robust marketing options that sell out the brand image of institutions. One of the approaches that can be adopted in marketing is leveraging on social media marketing. Social media has grown to be an essential platform in creating communication and selling brand products to the public. The use of social media has attracted a lot of people online, thereby creating a pool of potential audience who can be reached by its application. It has global coverage, and it can be tailored towards specific regions, thus adding to its advantages. McDonald, as a fast-food company, has leveraged on the use of different social media platforms to carry out marketing. The impact this strategy has yielded to the institution is commendable. Social media helps raise awareness and drive communications among the public. Different campaign challenges can consequently be carried out online, and their success is of value in the marketing of products.

e-Government standards and practices in the US

A comparison of e-Government standards and practices used in the US versus those employed by other nations (EU, Canada, China)

Required Elements:

An introduction section that defines your topic, and describes why this issue is important. This section must include your Thesis Statement, which expresses the topic of your paper in the form of a one sentence statement.

A state of the art assessment/literature review of your topic. Examine the published works found in major academic and business publications (i.e., HBR, Sloan, Academy of Management Review, MISQ, ISR, Communications of the ACM). At lease half of your sources should be from high quality journals, industry reports, and books. Provide the reader of your report with a thorough understanding of the topic, current practices, competing technologies, management models, problems/issues raised by others, etc.

An analysis of the topic that draws on the material from class and from your reading. Your analysis should include as a minimum (necessary to receive a score of 85%) the following elements (alternative elements may be used with consent of the instructor):

An examination of implementation issues related to your topic

Organizational benefits related to the issue

Cost factors related to the issue

An examination of the organizational and implementation risks related to the issue

Critical success factors related to the issue

Additional elements germane to your topic. NOTE: To achieve a grade greater than 85%, papers must provide meaningful analysis beyond the basic requirements (a-e).

A conclusion section where you will provide a recommendation regarding the issue. Your recommendation must be supported by the material you found in your state of the art assessment and knowledge gained in the class.

Bibliography of all cited works.


The Introduction / Proposal

This submission should be about 1-2 pages. The idea is to:

Identify your topic. Vagueness is NOT your friend. A vague topic ends when you run out of time, not when you’re finished.

Establish the topics importance (to an organization)

Identify any issues with the current state of how the topic is understood or applied

Thesis Statement for the paper. This is a single sentence that succinctly states what your paper will do or examine. This is not a laundry list of topics.

Provide references used (cited or supporting) as a separate sheet. These will roll into the final paper bibliography.

Full Paper

The final paper should be between 20 and 30 pages, double-spaced, and using 12pt Times Roman or Courier font. Use the APA guidelines for sections and citations. Place large graphics (screen shots, or charts that require more than half a page) in the Appendices. Do not leave large blank gaps in your paper. The cover page, appendices and the Bibliography do not count towards the overall page count.

Do I need to do the 1-2 page Introduction / Proposal first or I continue with the whole paper?





es I will only need 16 pages. You do not have to do anything with Canada at all. We have a group and basically that is someone else’s part.…

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According to Ardielli & Halásková (2015), e-Government is an essential trend in the modernization of public administrations. E-Government is the application of information technology when carrying out government operations. E-Government is about more than just ICT tools. It entails rethinking how organizations can be restructured to ensure efficient service delivery (Kamal & Themistocleus, 2009). The use of ICT applications to perform government operations ensures smooth and systematic operations. Governments have played essential roles in promoting the use of ICT applications in different countries of the world. The adoption of e-government services has been welcomed by both local and national governments of developing and developed countries. The use of e-Government has the potential of improving the economies of the countries involved since it promotes citizen’s participation in governance. It reduces bottlenecks that hinder business, such as the duration for waiting for business permits and filing to tax. e-Government allows citizens to conduct business quickly and cheaply. European Commission (2016) asserts that e-Government enhances administrative processes and hence improves the quality of services. Many countries of the world, such as China, the USA, Canada, and the European Union, have implemented e-Government, and their implementation strategies and practices are not necessarily the same.(5121 words)


Job Description and Justification

Job Description and Justification

As the HR manager for a large healthcare organization, you have been asked to design a new position for an individual contributor, nonclinical department such as Billing, Admitting, or HR. The job should be entry-midlevel and one appropriate for someone with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration.

Write a 6–8 page report in which you:

  1. Develop the job title and essential duties for the new position.
  2. Write detailed job description suitable for listing on the organization’s website.
  3. Identify the desired KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities).
  4. Explain the required minimum qualifications.
  5. Describe the steps involved in hiring for this new position.
  6. Develop salary recommendations.
  7. Identify a process to identify the most qualified applicants for the position.
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A job description is the analysis and explanation of a specified duty or responsibility in detail, while justification is the validation of the roles given as per the law. It is the responsibility of the Human Resource (HR) department in the healthcare sector to generate job description and justification of roles in a healthcare administration. In this case scenario, as the HR manager of a large healthcare organization, my services are needed to develop a non-clinical new position. As a result, it is vital to develop the job title and duties for the specified position. Again, detailing the new position requirements for the website’s Health Care Organization (HCO) is necessary. The salary recommendations, the steps involved in hiring, the desired Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) of applicants, and minimum qualifications are necessary to be developed. Since it is an entry mid-level position, the process of identifying applicants must also be appropriated. Regarding the above, this paper will outline a report analysis of a new position job description and justification in the non-clinical department of a large HCO. (1945 words)

Operations system

Unit 8 Operations Mgt FInal Paper

Prompt: Design an operations system for an athletic apparel manufacturer

o Requirements: A 1,250-word minimum, APA compliant paper that includes the following sections as a minimum:

  • A brief, introductory description of your hypothetical business
  • The approach you will use regarding globalization
  • How you will utilize forecasting in your operations
  • Define the culture you will want at your company and how you will structure your Human Resources system to achieve that culture
  • Define how you are going to develop a sustainable supply chain for your company
  • Explain how you will approach planning in your company and the methodology you will use.
  • Define how you will use lean operations in your company to reduce waste and improve productivity

Assessment: An essay or a portion of the final paper equal to 250 words, which is to be formatted into the following three sections:
1) Christian worldview regarding the course; Explain how your understanding of God’s creative process illustrated in Genesis 1:1 – 2:2 guided you in the development of the operations management system of your company.

2) biblical passages related to the course; and

3) comparison of secular and Christian perspectives related to the course.


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As mentioned, the changing demand for flexible and trendy sportswear influenced the idea of coming up with the FlexyFit Athletic Apparel, which will meet the consumer demands globally. Taking into account the different body shapes of consumers, sporting activities, and lifestyle markets are factors that would help in creating high-quality products. This would not only sell the brand but also represent independence, comfort, and style in the world of sports.(1625 words)

The media and audience research

What is the media industries’ view of the audience and why do they carry out audience research? Make reference in your answer to the idea of the concept of audiences as Citizens and consumers

summative essay of 3000words. follow instructions, use provided sources, observe quality

Students must use academic referencing and a bibliography in this essay (see the Postgraduate Student Handbook for more information and guidance on Referencing and Academic Honesty). The content includes introduction, main paragraph, case studies (examples), conclusion. I will provide relevant literatures and some information for the essay.

And the most important thing is to use as much literature as possible (almost 20). I will provide a reading list. Select your main readings from the “Reading List”, but also remember to draw on other additional relevant sources as part of your independent study.

Please read carefully the section in your Course Handbook on ‘Plagiarism and Referencing’, and remember that referencing of all source material should conform to the Harvard / APA referencing system. E.G. (In brackets aut hor surname only, year, page) – not endnotes, footnotes, bullet points or author surname followed by initial .

Lecture 10 The Media’s View of the Audience & Audiences as Citizens and Consumers

This lecture will examine the audience from the point of view of the media industries. It will examine why the media wish to carry out audience research and how this differs from the audience research carried out by academics. In particular it will explore the economic imperatives behind media audience research. The lecture will ask questions about audience power and examine this in the light of the audience as ‘produser’.

Key Reading Compulsory reading

1. Toynbee, J. (2006) ‘The Media’s View of The Audience’ in Hesmondhalgh, D Media Production

, Maidenhead Open University Press pp91-132 2. Ang, I (1991) ‘The Revolt of the Viewer’ in Desperately Seeking the Audience , London, Routledge(extract in Toynbee above)

Recommended Reading

3. Smythe, D (1981) ‘On the audience commodity and its work’ in Boyd-Barrett, O and Newbold,

C (eds.) Approaches to Media: A Reader, London, Arnold. 4. Caraway, Brett (2011) ‘Audience Labour in the New Media Environment: A Marxian revisiting of the audience commodity’ Media, Culture and Society 33 (5): 693-708.

Background reading

1. Arvidsson, A and Bonini, T (2015) ‘Valuing Audience Passions: From Smythe to Tarde’

European Journal of Cultural Studies 18 (2) 158-173.

2. Terranova, Titziana (2000) ‘Free Labour: Producing culture for the digital economy’

Social Text 18 (2): 33-58

3. Napoli, P (2003) Audience Economics Media Institutions and The Audience Market Place

, New York, Columbia University Press

4. Hayes, D. (2015) ‘Inside TV’s Secret Lab’ Broadcasting and Cable5/8/15/ Vol 145 issue

19 p4-6

5. Greene, K. (2000) ‘TV’s Test Pilots’ Broadcasting and Cable 07/17/2000 Vol 130 issue

30 p52.

6. Morley, D. (1990) ‘Beyond the Ratings, The Politics of Audience Research’ in Willis, J

and Wollen, T (eds.) The Neglected Audiences London, BFI.

7. Miller, P. (1994) ‘Made to Order and Standardized Audiences: Forms of Reality in

Audience Measurement’ in Ettema, J and Whitney, D. (eds.) Audience Making: How the

Media Create the Audience, Thousand Oaks C.A. Sage

8. ‘Twitter to drive TV ratings beyond an assumption of engagement’ B and T Weekly 04/14 9. Bird, S. E. (2011). Are We All Produsers Now? Cultural Studies, 25(4-5), 502-516.



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Media industries regard their audiences as consumers and citizens, and that is why it carries frequent research about its audiences (Jackson, 2007, p.4). Audience research in the media industry differs from regular academic researches. Numerous research studies have been carried out regarding media research on audiences. Additionally, there are several reasons as to why media industries carry out audience research. Similarly, there are various significances for the media industries to carry out audience research regularly. There are economic imperatives behind audience research by the media industry. Literature analysis is a comparative tool in explaining how the media industries view the audience. The concept of audiences as the consumers and citizens in the media industry is also very vital in unfolding the audience’s power. As a result, this research paper will discuss why media industries carry out audience research and how they view their audiences, displaying examples, and case studies.(3403 words)

How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking

All I need is a double-spaced process essay about how to quit smoking no less than 5 paragraphs or more than 2 pages. And please don’t use any sources.

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It is quite common to see a couple of people smoking as they go about their business. Some do it for fun, others for relaxation or to relieve stress while others can’t seem to kick the habit. Peer pressure is one of the chief reasons why many people start smoking. It might begin with one cigarette, but as time progresses, a person starts to gradually increase the number of cigarettes they smoke in a day. Unfortunately, for some people, they end up getting addicted to smoking.(689 words)

Health history assessment

Conduct a health history on a family member or friend. Be sure they give you permission. Using the interviewing techniques learned in Module 2, gather the following information. Use your textbook as your guide. Present Health Past Health Family History

While this is only a partial health history, summarize in 3 -5 pages the information you gathered. Also, answer the following questions:

  1. Was the person willing to share the information? If they were not, what did you do to encourage them?
  2. Was there any part of the interview that was more challenging? If so, what part and how did you deal with it?
  3. How comfortable were you taking a health history?
  4. What interviewing techniques did you use? Were there any that were difficult and if so, how did you overcome the difficulty?
  5. Now that you have taken a health history discuss how this information can assist the nurse in determining the health status of a client.

Your assignment must have accurate spelling and grammar.

Book: Physical Examination and Health assessment 8th edition

Answer must be quality and follow the instructions


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Gathering information on health regarding the past and present status of an individual is of value. This practice gives the examining officer an avenue to get a pool of evidence from which they can rely on in the administration of treatment and monitoring of improvement. The family history health assessment elaborated in this case involved a close friend to me. An in-depth evaluation of his physical wellness and mental condition is done. Evaluation related to different classes of information was carried out using a structured questionnaire and an interview. These information classes included the general health, pulmonary conditions, and genitourinary, heart and lung conditions, and the gestural intestinal condition.  It is also essential in this kind of assessment to evaluate the health state of the family relatives. This helps offer information on the family history and give room for an evaluation of possible genetically transferred illness.  Information availed from the assessment is comprehensive and allows room for probable diagnosis where the need is and consequently gives room for an efficient treatment approach.(1902 words)

A Film response on Gladiator

2-3 pages film respond on Gladiator (dir. Ridley Scott) with Russell Crowe

Watch the film Gladiator (dir. Ridley Scott) with Russell Crowe.


For full credit you need to refer to the article and to specific scenes!

Write 2-3 pages answering the following questions:

§ How do major characters such as Maximus, Commodus, and senator Gaius express the values of late imperial Rome?
§ Based on the movie, how would you describe society at the time the film takes place? How “civilized” is it compared to previous periods and regions? Consider men and women and elite and commoners.
§ What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning about history through (fictional) feature films?
§ What impressed you the most about this movie?
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Gladiator is a 2000 film produced by Ridley Scott’s to portray the ancient world (Winkler, 2004).  It was based on the context of the late imperial Rome when gladiators were selected to fight in the arena. The combat was part of the games played during ancient Rome to entertain the emperors and spectators. However, the film was directed based on the personal vision of the producer, Ridley. As a result, it created several historical errors since it was loosely based on the late Roman Empire. (646 words)

Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster

Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster

You will provide a minimum of a 5-page double-spaced (Graphics and Tables are not included in the page count) analysis of a real system which successfully or unsuccessfully applied the principles of systems engineering. This is to be developed from your personal experience and individual research in the library, internet, INCOSE website, media, corporate sources, etc. Note that:

  • The analysis shall be of an actual system, and must demonstrate the successful planning or implementation of some of the systems engineering processes or the results of failure to apply these processes. Other aspects of the project you might report on include:
    • What were the social, political, economic and/or business management issues that affected technological choices and engineering decisions?
    • How did managers use the systems engineering process to account for these issues?
    • How did these issues affect engineering design / development / test decisions?
    • What were the “Lessons Learned”?
  • You do not need to footnote this report, but you must provide a reference list on an additional page. Citations are required in your choice of format (such as APA). Only provide significant sources which directly contribute to the analysis. The system can be a large commercial project in any country, an international project, a civil works project or a military weapon system (no restricted information should be included), but must be documented. No development project is perfect, so a description of failures as well as successes should be included.
  • For your source references, you MUST use at least one academic book and a minimum of two secondary sources. Wikipedia is NOT a source, except for very general background information. Graduate students need to have research skills, analysis and synthesis of detailed information as part of their toolkit.
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The United States is one of the countries with extensive space travel and exploration programs (Cole, 2003). The government sets aside vast sums of money to fund their space program. Going to space is not an easy feat and comes with numerous obstacles and dangers. When everything goes according to plan, the benefits accruing from such exploration are quite immense. However, when things go haywire, the impact is also very high. Going to space is a very risky venture, evidenced by the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster that befell the United States on February 1st, 2003.(1703 words)